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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Wrecks Her Car in a DUI (Why Don't Wealthy Celebrities Hire Cars or Take Taxis?)

Reputable source x17 reports that Lindsay Lohan has been in a DUI wreck. Worse, she had coke in her car! To see the pics go here, as x17 won't let anyone download them. A nice quote from that site:
She had coke in the car! At the presser, it was announced that narcotics were found in the car by officers at the time the vehicle was towed and impounded. You can see in X17's video, Lindsay's bodyguard Jaz driving the wrecked car away from the scene of the accident just after it occurred (didn't he think to take that white powdery substance outta the glove box?!).
But the big question is why rich celebrities such as Lohan, who like to party, have had previous run-ins with the law and shell out money to hire bodyguards are so reluctant to hire a driver or take a taxi. Lohan, I guess, would rather wrap her car around a tree.

The NFL is full of millionaire DUI offenders, most notably the prison chain gang d.b.a. the Cincinnati Bengals, but also Sean Taylor of Washington and many others. And then there is Paris Hilton, who has to do a stint in the big house for her second drunken driving charge.

Maybe I am more afraid than they are, as I would get a cell mate, unlike Paris Hilton, but their idiocy in the face of how affordable it would be for them to avoid these problems is amazing.

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