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Friday, May 18, 2007

Martial Law in Charm City?

In response to Baltimore seeming more like a set for The Wire and less like Charm City, a city councilman has proposed street lockdowns.
A city council leader, alarmed by Baltimore's rising homicide rate, wants to give the mayor the power to put troubled neighborhoods under virtual lockdown.

"Desperate measures are needed when we're in desperate situations," City Council Vice President Robert W. Curran told The (Baltimore) Sun. He said he would introduce the legislation next week.

Under Curran's plan, the mayor could declare "public safety act zones," which would allow police to close liquor stores and bars, limit the number of people on city sidewalks, and halt traffic during two-week intervals.

Police would be encouraged to aggressively stop and frisk individuals in those zones to search for weapons and drugs.
Baltimore rivals only Pittsburgh in terms of loss of prestige, as firms such as Alex Brown were bought and their employees moved to New York. There are not many good jobs left in Baltimore, but its crime problem is not about that. Rather, it is about the War on Drugs. Legalize drugs and most of Baltimore's crime would go away. Read the DEA stats for the facts.

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