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Monday, May 21, 2007

Next Up: How To Use a Touch-Tone Phone

I don't know what's more disturbing. That the Washington Post actually dedicated space anywhere on their website for this story, or that these politicians that make substantive decisions for over 100,000 people can't figure out how to adjust the ringer on their Blackberry.
The Charles County commissioners this week boldly went where no commissioners have gone before: They learned how to use their new BlackBerrys.


Finally came the troubleshooting questions:

"I have a terrible time getting the ringer set right," Commissioners President Wayne Cooper (D-At Large) said. "In the holster, it vibrates twice and rings once."

That's an easy fix, Aldridge's staff assured him.

"My BlackBerry tends to have a mind of its own," Commissioner Edith J. Patterson (D-Pomfret) said. When it's in her purse, she explained, "It will call people! Is there a shield or something?"


Bocaner asked if any other commissioners -- the other four are men -- needed a purse cover.

"Only if it comes with a Coach purse," Commissioner Samuel N. Graves Jr. (D-La Plata) chimed in, saying he would give the handbag to his wife or one of his two daughters.
Wow. I should say I don't really have anything against any of this, the more time these jackasses spend in Blackberry classes the less time they have to raise property taxes or enact bans, pass laws, etc. Full story here.

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