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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not bin Laden, Fer Sher

Big news in the war on terror!
An Afghan tribesman who could pass for Osama bin Laden’s country cousin looks enough like America’s most wanted terrorist that he’s been arrested twice, ABC News is reporting.

Sher Akbar is over 6 feet tall, wears a long beard and has a large Osama-like schnoz. He also lives in an area near the Pakistani border where the al-Qaeda chief is believed to be hiding.

Pakistani intelligence officials told ABC that Akbar, who lives in the Afghan village of Bagh e Metal, was scooped up twice in manhunts after reported bin Laden sightings.

[Intelligence officials] believe local scammers have been trying to collect rewards based on Akhbar’s resemblance to bin Laden.
Love the use of "schnoz" in a news story. Is "schlong" next?

Hey naysayers -- don't overlook the fact that this establishes a clear link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, since Saddam was known to employ an army of lookalikes, who are now as difficult to find as the real bin Laden.

People who have the same name as the guy who looks a little like bin Laden here.