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Monday, May 21, 2007

Now Read These

Rogier van Bakel waxes on the waxy, waning Hershey's chocolate company and its oddball copyright-infringement suit against a jailed medical-marijuana provider. Reading van Bakel's post will make you want to be sure to sate your munchies on non-Hershey products from now on.

Come up with a clever monster name, drop $20, and get a hand-drawn copy in the mail. [Monster-by-Mail]

Let's compare swelled heads: Al Gore then (sexy? sexy!) and now versus Barry Bonds then and now.

Your home is your castle. Just don't smoke in it, pretty please. Not that we'd ever try to make sure you can't. Honest. Sort of. [Medical News Today]

I'm a bit late on this, but Patrick Hruby's piece on the mysterious death of Pakistan's cricket coach is still more evidence -- my man-crush on Bill Simmons notwithstanding -- that Hruby clearly stands alone atop the pinnacle of sports journalism. [ESPN]