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Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Politicians Need Billions of Taxpayer Dollars a Year. Get Unhooked."

In Cicero's world, people would get upset at taxpayer-funded anti-smoking ads because citizens should be influencing their government not the other way around. In the real world, people only get upset when they find the ads offensive.

British Government anti-smoking posters featuring men and women with fish hooks through their mouths attracted one of the highest numbers of complaints the advertising standards watchdog has ever received.

Nearly 800 complaints were made about a series of poster, TV, newspaper and Internet adverts which many felt were offensive and distressing, particularly to children.

"The average smoker needs over five thousand cigarettes a year. Get unhooked," the posters read.

The government said it believed people would not be seriously offended by the adverts, particularly because they aimed to protect people from the damaging effects of smoking.

More here.

This is a good time to talk about my favorite prevention campaign of all time. A French safe-sex campaign that is supposed to turn you off, but actually turned me on. I guess I'm one sick puppy spider. Warning: Somewhat NSFW.

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