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Friday, May 18, 2007

Saul Anuzis Must Go

It's my hope that good Republicans - libertarians and real conservatives - have enough clout to get Saul Anuzis, head of the Michigan Republican Party, fired for trying to get Rep. Ron Paul excluded from future presidential debates. This is a make or break issue for the future of libertarian/conservative fusionism. Either libertarian ideas - and for that matter the truth - are welcome in the Republican Party or they're not. It is unacceptable for a high-ranking Republican official to be drafting and circulating a petition in support of barring a fellow Republican from participating in future Republican debates. Saul Anuzis must go. If he is not fired, it's obvious that libertarians, true conservatives and other supporters of a non-interventionist foreign policy are not welcome in the Republican Party.

So call the Michigan Republican Party and tell them that Saul Anuzis must go - 517-487-5413.
E-mail address:

And call the Republican National Committee, as well: 202-863-8500. For lack of a better e-mail address,

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