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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sir, Andy Rooney Wants His Right Eyebrow Back

And his good-old boy attitude, while you're at it.
The BBC has been ruined by women producing 'terrible programmes', according to Sir Patrick Moore.

The astronomer said the corporation needed to revert to the 'golden days' when the news was presented by men with impeccable English.


He also compared EastEnders to diarrhoea, saying: 'I suppose it's true to life. But so is diarrhoea - and I don't want to see that on television.'
More here. Moore here. To his credit -- that is, in addition to wearing a monocle and comparing EastEnders to diarrhoea -- Sir Patrick is the pseudonymous author of Bureaucrats: How to Annoy Them, which scores points on title alone.