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Monday, May 07, 2007

This is Like That Time a Woman Told Me She Was Pregnant and I Faked My Own Death Only to Find out She Really Wasn't Pregnant, That Was Embarrassing

I'm curious about what people think of this potential law suit. I assume the libertarian line is that doctors shouldn't be sued for their analysis unless it was negligence. Even if a bad analysis does cause harm.
A British man who went on a wild spending spree after doctors said he only had a short time to live wants compensation because the diagnosis was wrong and he is now healthy -- but broke.
"When they tell you you've got a limited time and everything, you do enjoy life," Brandrick, from Cornwall in the west of England, told Sky television.

"I'm really pleased that I've got a second chance in life... but if you haven't got no money after all this, which is my fault -- I spent it all -- they should pay something back."

If he can't get compensation, he is considering selling his house or suing the hospital that diagnosed him. The hospital has said that while it sympathizes with Brandrick, a review of his case showed no different diagnosis would have been made.

He should look at the bright side. At least his doctor didn't say he had testicular cancer.