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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tony Blair as Stupid as Rudy Giuliani

I guess like Giuliani, Blair doesn't read intelligence reports, history books or newspapers either.
[Blair's] muscular internationalism might best be described as half globalization theory and half Gladstone -- the Victorian-era, Liberal prime minister who symbolizes high-minded, humanitarian intervention. Blair speaks a neon language of right and wrong and sees Britain as a global force for good. And he has little patience for a trendy moral equivalence:

"The reason why the stance of a lot of public opinion is quite defeatist in my view is because we are still saying, 'Well, they've got a point, we understand their grievance, maybe it is our fault.' . . We get rid of two of the most brutal and terrible dictatorships, who've killed hundreds of thousands of their people, we then say you can have a United Nations-backed process of democracy -- and you say that provoked them to terrorism. I mean, explain that one for me."

Yeah, the idea that carpet-bombing Muslim countries, overthrowing their leaders, and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people through economic sanctions and war is going to lead to retaliation of some sort really needs explaining. I can't imagine why a father who loses his wife and children in a bombing raid isn't satisfied knowing that it was a cost of bringing him democracy. Nope, can't imagine why at all.

More on Blair's killing-people-is-humanitarianism-at-its-best philosophy in today's Washington Post.

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