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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Underground Illegal Immigrant Dentistry

Meet Ernesto Estrado, libertarian hero.
Authorities have arrested an illegal immigrant on charges that he ran an unlicensed dental practice out of his home in Carrollton. Ernesto Estrado is accused of performing procedures on hundreds of illegal immigrants who were too afraid to go to a licensed dentist.

The man reportedly used pliers, box cutters and etching blades he bought at a hardware store to pull teeth, fill cavities and create dentures. Investigators searched his home and found prescription painkillers, hypodermic needles and a ledger that detailed cash payments from more than 100 people.
Sounds painful, but how bad could it be if so many customers in a tight-knit community frequented Estrado's practice? Not nearly half as bad as choosing between a toothache and deportation.