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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unexpected News of the Day: Hot Teeny-Boppers Attract Attention in Workplaces Usually Filled with 40-year Old Slobs

The Denver Post reports:
Teen jobs beset by unwanted advances
Youngsters are more likely to be harassed and less likely to know what to do. But feds are filing lawsuits and educating workers.

As millions of American teenagers venture into the workplace for the summer, an increasing number are facing sexual harassment on the job - ranging from lewd comments to sexual assaults - by co-workers, managers and even customers.

Teen workers - partly because of their youth, inexperience and low workplace status - experience higher levels of sexual harassment than adults, say federal investigators, lawyers and experts. And teen victims often are reluctant to report harassment.
Although I didn't rely on statistics, interviews or facts from organizations with acronyms; I did do a similar study in my office last week during Take Your Child to Work Day. It involved a lot of leering and winking...and I gave a lot of advice like, "Stay away from mid-west women." And, "Never trust a lady who will not let you remove her socks while fucking." Come to think of it, I didn't really learn anything or even study much, but I did scare a lot of children, and when you really stop and reflect, isn't that all that matters?

And I can't forget, my new favorite pick-up line...
One mother found out from her daughter that she had been sexually harassed by a store manager and a co-worker. At one point a rebuffed co-worker put his hands around her neck and said, "What would your boyfriend do if I snapped your neck?" When the case was settled, her daughter was awarded $111,250.
Expensive yes, but a quarter of the time I bet that works. Full article here.

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