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Friday, May 11, 2007

Vegans Murder Baby

So says a Georgia court in the case of two vegan parents who fed their newborn a diet consisting of soy milk and apple juice. Their baby, a son named Crown Shakur, died at six weeks of age from malnourishment. Of course, this was all about saving animals or oppressing a baby with breast milk:

"He was so emaciated that doctors could count his bones through his skin. The couple maintained during the trial that they did the best they could for the boy while adhering to their vegan lifestyle, a strict form of vegetarianism.

"'We are against animal cruelty, so why would I be cruel to my son?' said [Lamont] Thomas, 31.

"'Why would I do something with his body? We are against animals being murdered, why would we be cruel to him and try to do something to his body?'"

Yes, lots of animals are killed in the delivery of breast milk. And this is the crowd that's driving goose liver and trans fat bans?

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