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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Warning: Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Cause You to Bone a Mexican Stripper and Contract Syphilis

From the BBC:
Alcoholic drinks will carry new health warning labels by the end of 2008 under a voluntary agreement between ministers and the drinks industry.
The labels will detail alcoholic units and recommended safe drinking levels


The proposed warning labels will include words such as "know your limits" or "drink responsibly", and the number of units each drink contains.


They will also give the web address for the education campaign group Drink Aware.

With some strong beers and ciders, a pint or a large bottle can add up to three units or more.Ms Flint said: "This landmark, voluntary agreement will help people calculate, at a glance, how much they are drinking and whether they are staying within sensible drinking guidelines...


Alcohol Concern welcomed the scheme but said it did not go far enough.

Don Shenkar, director of policy and services for the charity, said: "We'd like there to be more information in pubs and bars, in terms of the sensible drinking limits there.
What can you say? It's only a matter of time before we take the the alcohol out of beer and liquor all together. Seriously, it might not be that bad. Then I will have my imaginary cigarette, with my imaginary drink having a completely make believe good time. Awesome.

Full article here. Alcohol Concern's website here. Check out their blog, although it looks like someone has been having a few too many cocktails and slacking on their blogging duties. Drink Aware's website here. Take their test to determine what kind of functioning alcoholic you are. Alas, don't get your hopes up. They do NOT display high scores and initials anywhere on the site. Bummer.

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