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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WHO Calls for Worldwide Smoking Ban

The World Health Organization yesterday called for a worldwide ban on indoor smoking. Smokers and others concerned with individual rights needn't worry, though.
"This is not about shaming the smoker. This is not even about banning smoking," said Dr. Armando Peruga, who heads WHO's anti-tobacco campaign. "This is about society taking decisions about where to smoke and where not to smoke."
I feel much better. Peruga is the guy who, speaking about a total ban on the sale of tobacco, previously "said... countries need to reduce demand first by banning smoking in public places..." First. And we know what comes second.

Still, I'm sure Peruga wouldn't call for such action unless the science supported it. Right?

Sure enough, second-hand smoke causes cancer, according to yesterday's WHO release, which cites as evidence "rigorous research [that] leaves no doubt" about it. What's the "rigorous evidence"? I perused the first study the WHO cited, and found indubitable language like "implies," "inconsistent," and "conflicting and sparse" to describe data it uses to support its sweeping claims.