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Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Needs Textbooks and Classes When You Can Blow Guys in the Bathroom?

It's been awhile since I've linked to a college paper op-ed. I apologize for the oversight. This will hopefully make up for that. Read as she attempts to justify, rationalize and proudly defend her actions all the while writing under a pseudonym for her college paper.
He's not a stranger, but he's not a friend either. He's a super sexy, smooth-talking acquaintance who coincidentally caught me on a night that I was feeling rather sexy myself.
One drink led to another, one kiss led to a make out session, and a blow job in the bathroom of McGuire's led him from the bar to my bed.
Judge me if you will, but after kissing him goodbye the following morning, I wore a smile on my face for the entire day because I'd obtained for myself something I'd needed for sometime.
I felt like a woman empowered.
Are you serious? Where the fuck have I been? Seems like this empowering angle is the way to go. Perhaps yelling "Whore Whore, You Dirty Whore!!!", at women/pre-teens isn't the best way to close the deal. Humm. I really miss college.

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