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Monday, May 07, 2007

Who Wants Their MTV Anymore?

A Boston Globe article charts the sad decline of MTV into almost complete irrelevance. When the network was first launched in 1981 very few cable channels carried it and young music fans so desperately wanted to see this seminal channel that "I Want My MTV" became a populist scream. That slogan was so infused into the culture that Sting sang an "I want my MTV" back-up vocal on a Dire Straits song. My friends and I, in high school, were so desperate to watch MTV play videos like Madonna's Borderline or David Bowie's China Girl that we would on a Saturday night take the train to Penn Station in New York as they had one tv in the Amtrak waiting lounge that played MTV.

Ten years from its birth, the network was developing its bad habits of featuring mindless reality shows and spring break idiocy, but it still had some good music programming left. One night in 1991 I was watching its one good show, 120 Minutes. That night I saw Nirvana debut "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and that was the last time that MTV caught my attention.

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