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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The $54 Million Pair of Pants

As if to make an exclamation point as to why defendants need more protection in the US court system, a DC dry cleaner has been dragged to court to defend a lawsuit that alleges that the dry cleaner lost the plaintiff's pants. Proposed damages: $54 million.

The fact that this lawsuit even got into court is a disgrace for the entire US justice system. Judges have discretion as to what they allow to go to court, but they basically allow anything to go to court even if that means that obviously innocent defendants will have to pay exorbitant legal expenses to defend themselves against frivolous charges. This asshole plaintiff is a judge himself, Roy L. Pearson, who was re-appointed by DC just a month ago.

I am rooting for the Korean dry cleaners and if you want to support them and live in DC take your laundry to Custom Cleaners. I made the protest switch and they are very good.

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