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Monday, June 11, 2007

Beware of Zombie, Pill-Popping Teenagers, Prowling Your Streets with...Cinder Blocks

I'm quoting Drug Czar John Walters, during a recent speech/lecture/waste of time at an Orlando drug treatment center:
...So you're not taking a cinder block and bashing someone on the side of the head to get money to pay for drugs.
Watch the local TV video coverage of the event here, and read the Orlando Sentinel's coverage here. The ONDCPs Blog post here. Links are now taken care of, let's jump right into this week's asinine Drug War propaganda.

To begin with, what the purpose of his visit? Walters was visiting the Center for Drug Free Living (which sounds like an all together not fun place to be) to opine on the most recent "national crisis" -- prescription drug abuse among teens. The hysteria behind this pill propaganda is bad enough in itself. But in this case it gets worse. He took the opportunity to blame the increase in violent crimes that the Orlando metropolitan area has seen over the past few years to drug use alone. Mind you, he was lecturing on prescription drug abuse; therefore it is only rational for one to link the increase in prescription drug abuse to the increase in violent crime. That's where the above quote came from. Walters was desperately attempting to say that the drug user was the root of violent crime. As they (drug users) multiply, so do violent criminals. His strategy for dealing with crime is to decrease the number of drug users/abusers at all costs, therefore reducing the number of desperate fiends roaming the streets. He thinks the war can be won fighting demand (because that has worked so well up to this point) and I think I've made a fair assessment of his argument.

I could turn this into an op-ed, and maybe I should dedicate some length to this, but let me keep this short and to the point. a) is he really attempting to blame an increase of shootings, murders and rape on prescription drug abuse? b) do he and his followers really believe that the majority of violent crimes in America's cities are committed by drug addicts trying to score their next fix; regardless of whether it be crack, heroin, pot, or Oxycontin? c) does he think we have been too soft on drugs and drug users up to this point? d) does he believe any of this, any of it at all?

For the sake of my own sanity -- wanting badly to believe that the guy setting the tone for drug policy for the whole of the nation is not a complete fucktard -- I sincerely hope that Walters et al, are only a bunch of bold-faced liars running one of the largest propaganda machines in the world, rather than the dumbest human beings alive.

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