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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The DC Arsonist's Motive Finally Revealed, and It Will Surprise You

For three decades Thomas Sweatt, a 15 year employee at the New York Avenue KFC in DC, set fires, killed people and evaded the police. The Washington City Paper has an absolutely riveting article about Sweatt and what motivated him.

The City Paper reporter wrote to him in jail and got amazingly rich responses. It is a long article but worth the read. What the MSM, like the Wa Post, will never report, yet the City Paper reveals through Sweatt's own letters to the reporter, is that Sweatt the church-goer was a closet homosexual and that tension motivated his arsons. The Wa Post is too careful to not tread on the gay theme, and in this case it is totally relevant, as Sweatt's repressed sexual feelings basically made him an insane arsonist and was his motivation. From the City Paper article, words from Sweatt:
I was working at Holly Farms (Restaurant) off Geogia Ave + Decatur and I could walk home from work if necessary. I had a special friend, we use to go to clubs almost every night drinking and smoking. We had a nice time but there was always this need to be loved by young guys on the street. I wasn't a Thug but was attracted to street life. So, after leaving the Clubs + bars he would take me home and ask if I needed the car for the next day. Of course I'd say yes. But that same night I went cruising up Geogia Ave and picked up this young guy named Tyrone. We became best of friends until I became obsessed with him which drove me to set his house afire, actually his aunts house on Peabody + 3rd. She was slightly injured and the house was damaged just the basement where he lived. I was glad she didn't get hurt. Well Tyrone was a boxer and very handsome and he use to come over my apartment on Wednesday night to watch Dynasty TV Show together. The night before the fire I went inside the basement of the place he live and took all this clothes, tennis shoes (some of which I bought for him). He wore a size 12 shoes. That was attractive to me and I would actually go to bed with His shoes on my pillar and to smell the odor.
How did the City Paper scoop the Wa Post?

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