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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Debate--I Do It Because You Won't

I've had a few drinks; but this debate is pretty decent, much better then what I saw of the Democratic Debate. Minus Tommy Thompson. And Duncan Hunter. The immigration stuff has been great to watch, Rudy seems very much alert and with it as opposed to the last debate. Much better on abortion and very good on immigration. Ron Paul is with it tonight as well. He handled the border wall question very nicely and he got some applause with his anti-war comments.

Oh yeah, Mike Huckabee "doesn't know" if the Earth was created 6,000 years ago, and says it means nothing as to whether he should be President. I like to think it does matter if a potential Republican candidate for POTUS is fucking retarded. Silly me.


God Bless Ron Paul and his defense of federalism.

McCain has a problem with "oil companies making profits". What about grocery stores? Or Best Buy? Will anyone admit that they would ever vote for this guy? Anyone??

Bingo. Paul nails another one, when asked about oil company profits. Foreign policy, corporate welfare.

Be sure to check out Weigal. And The Corner.

And again Paul uses gays in the military to hit the "rights culture". Really brilliant move. He sounds like a legitimate candidate.

Does Thommy Thompson think he is on Star Search? What's with the rubbing the chin and shitty one-liners? Horriable.

Update II:

Candidates are sitting, rocking chairs would be even more folksy and down home.

Uh oh, McCain is getting on the straight-talk-express. CHOO-CHOO!!!

I like Rudy's health care answer. "Government and employer dominated". We need a free market solution, etc. I'm paraphrasing here. But it was a good answer. Tommy Thompson has never gotten out of a chair as quickly as he did when asked about health care. He was itching to lecture fatties and smokers.

Where is Ron Paul?

Dave Weigal
8:43: That's a pretty fat finger that McCain just stuck in base voters' eyes. He tells Romney "muchos gracias" and then calls sneaking across the border "accelerating their citizenship."
Just finished telling my roommate that same thing, in a much more convoluted way.

Is it just me or were the canidates sitting uncomfortably close on stage; paired off like they were contestants on some sort of dating game. I was half expecting Rudy to reach over and graze McCain's leg with his hand...

[ed-Sorry for the typos. Moving fast, more than a few drinks by the end. FWIW, edits have been made]

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