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Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Links

The politics are getting interesting in Baltimore. Everyone is trying to make everyone else look as bad as they actually are. Makes for a fun spectator sport. One example is the current "pants scandal", that has left the police department woefully short of certain sizes of pants.[emphasis mine]

...the police union president pinned the problem on plainclothes detectives raiding the supply closet because of a new initiative requiring that they walk foot patrols in uniform.


The officer, who was granted anonymity because he's not allowed to talk about pants without permission from the public affairs office, said that each of his six pairs of pants has problems - including a broken zipper, as well as holes in the pockets and in other unmentionable places
I love it. There is a blackout on any information regarding department issued pants. I can only imagine what the district briefings sound like...

Finger-printing and eye-scans come to Maastricht coffee shops.

I still think it's a travesty that Joe Camel was forced out...How do you think I feel about this?

"Alas, poor Britain. The best name for it is Absurdistan"

NRO's editorial on Bloomberg's likely presidential run.

Prepare yourselves for the Gold Cup Final, this Sunday, against Mexico, as the US has beaten Canada 2-1 to advance. If they hadn't made the finals it would have been a major letdown; we need a win against Mexico.

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