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Thursday, June 14, 2007

God Hates Blackjack

But He's comfortable with video poker. I know, I know -- He works in mysterious ways. [emphasis throughout mine]

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. -- Voters yesterday defeated a proposal to allow blackjack, poker and roulette at Charles Town Races and Slots, a racetrack casino that attracts many customers from Maryland and Virginia.

About 56 percent of Jefferson County voters who cast ballots rejected the referendum to allow table gambling, county officials said. The vote was 5,626 to 4,429.
It should only be a matter of time until they get table games, but the sooner the better for this degenerate.


But opponents argued that much of the financial gain would be offset by increased public safety costs and that higher traffic volume would overwhelm already-busy roads. One flier from an opposition group also warned of risks to gamblers: addiction and bankruptcy.


But Renny Smith, 67, a retired foreign service officer who owns a horse that once raced at the track, said she worries that the table games would bring too many visitors to her fast-growing community. She is part of a group that opposes the measure and said she would vote against it.

"Something in this is bothering my inner Baptist," she said. "It's not that I mind the racetrack, but I don't think our community is ready for table games. We just don't have the infrastructure."


The operation, which generated about $485 million in revenue last year, has about 5,000 slot machines, and the horse track runs about 220 days each year.
You have already whored yourself out Jackson County. Don't get all principled and not let gamblers bust their nut inside of you.

A slightly off-topic rant...Doesn't the increase in state-run, brick-and-mortar casinos just make the online gaming "ban" even more sickening? What state doesn't have casinos, or slots now? If the state can't figure out how to make money off the competition, their answer (with lots of help from brick-and-mortar gaming companies) is to smash the competition. And of course, social conservatives, and other moralizing nannys, are more than happy to be part of coalition that bans something fun and marginally dangerous. I just wish the hypocrisy wasn't so obvious.

Full article here.

P.S.: By state-run I really mean heavily regulated from the top down with the state taking a nice cut for themselves. In retrospect state-run is a bit of a hyperbole, but you can hardly open a casino wherever you want, with whatever rules you want. Everything is done and run by the blessings of the local gaming commissions, all the way down to silly rules like banning certain bets (i.e., no straddles allowed at a poker table in all of New Jersey). That's what scares the politicians so much about online gaming; it's the unregulated wild west of gambling. Control is the name of the game. They can't stand not to have it.

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