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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Advice

The Examiner:
Annapolis (Map, News) - Nearly five years after Straughan Lee Griffin’s carjacking death in Annapolis, law enforcers are divided over how to prevent the type of violent crime that killed him.

The prevailing philosophy for responding to carjackings and other armed robberies — complete submission — has changed, said Officer Hal Dalton, a spokesman for the Annapolis Police Department.

“Traditionally, police everywhere used to tell people not to resist robbers,” he said. “We’ve rethought that now. They have to make their own choice based on their own abilities.”
It would be fun to try and compile some extremely vague stats about the number of people killed because they were blindly following the traditional advice of law enforcement. Of course, if you think you had a chance to fight back during an attack, and you choose not to based solely on the advice of police who do not know you and often do quite a poor job themselves in preventing crime, then....maybe it didn't matter.

It just seems to me a bit odd that we have law enforcement officials instructing us to make our own best decisions in a life or death scenario, based upon the facts available to us. Shouldn't that be common sense? Full article here

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