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Monday, June 04, 2007

He Seems Harmless, Why Not Let Him Out?

No one died, and the hotel is still standing; so I think it's we can chuckle at this guy's plan.
A QUEENSLAND man convicted of trying to lure six women to a makeshift torture chamber filled with explosives and weapons has applied for leave to appeal against his sentence.


Defence barrister Soraya Ryan today lodged an application in the Court of Appeal on behalf of Richwood to have the sentence cut, arguing he never carried out his plan.

"(He) ought to have been sentenced for what he did, not what he intended to do," Ms Ryan said


Melissa Birkin had entered the room as a babysitter hired to look after Richwood's non-existent children, only to discover he had created a makeshift torture chamber complete with a rocket launcher, booby traps and explosives.

Ms Birkin managed to escape despite being knocked almost unconscious by Richwood after she refused a drink laced with sleeping tablets.
I've been shamed. Time to revamp my torture chamber. I have no rocket launcher, no explosives. Just a baseball bat, velvet handcuffs, and Ebola infected monkey. Full article here.

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