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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If You Have to Vote, VoteSmart

I've been a big fan of Project VoteSmart since even before the time I cribbed most of the 2004 presidential candidates' drug policy quotes and voting records from their site when I was with the Drug Policy Alliance. So I'm pleased to report we've agreed to be one of about three-dozen blogs working with the nonprofit's Voters' Speakeasy, which debuted today. (The fact that we don't actually have to do any work sealed the partnership.) From the press release they sent me today:
The Voter’s Speakeasy... is a blog that will serve as a forum for discussion of political information contained within the database that the Project has compiled over the past sixteen years. This information will include voting records, speeches, campaign finance information and interest group ratings among other topics. It will serve to provide historical context that is necessary to understand the importance of the events of today.
Well worth checking out today and over the next 15 months or so, even for someone like me who prefers to be an educated nonvoter.