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Friday, June 08, 2007

More Friday Links

In an effort to help sea turtles and hurt poor, inner-city residents, whom are already forced to buy costly groceries; certain Maryland cities are aiming to follow San Francisco and ban plastic bags.

In other news, in an effort to help poor, inner-city residents, and hurt sea turtles and the environment; the state of Maryland has donated $5mil of taxpayer's monies to a fund that will help residents keep their air conditioners running longer throughout the summer.

Poor inner city residents are said to be indifferent as they have more pressing concerns...i.e, dodging bullets on a nightly basis.

This quote from the guy who invented Microsoft Word, reminded me of Trump and his inability to keep his casino properties out of the red.
My friends, if you can’t figure out how to make money from people who only play games with a built-in house edge, you may as well give up on the casino business and close your doors.
He was remarking on the fact that certain high rollers, including him, had been 86ed from Harrah's properties (including Caesars, which was recently bought by Harrahs), not because he was counting cards, or cheating; but rather because he had been too lucky at video poker. Read his whole post, it's pretty interesting.

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