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Friday, June 29, 2007

My Kind of Campaign Announcement

Baltimore wouldn't be the same without this socialist nutcase. [emphasis mine, spelling mistakes the Sun's]
A. Robert Kaufman, a long-time political activist, announced officially today that he would run for mayor, then proceeded on a door-to-door campaign along The Block, where he outlined his socialist agenda.

Kaufman, 76, said he wants to create a "red-light district" where drugs and prostition would be legalized. He said he figured he would find sympathy for his platform in the downtown cluster of strip clubs and pornography shops.

Kaufman acknowledged having "absolutely no chance at winning the race," but said he wants to use his campaign to foster discussion on creating jobs, pushing for a living wage and treating addiction as a medical problem.
Full article here. More on The Block here. Interview with Kaufman from '05 after a beating he took from a tenant of his, here.

I'm not planning on voting in the Mayoral election because of an utter lack of competence among the candidates -- and I have never brought myself to vote for a socialist of any stripe in any election -- but if I do vote, it might just have to be for Kaufman. If nothing else the guy has provided some colorful moments over my time in Maryland. Not to mention I hear nothing, not even a peep, from the legitimate candidates about the futility of the Drug War.

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