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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taxes = Marriage Inequality

I have always contended that 90% of the gay marriage issue arises from the tax code. Get rid of the IRS, and its picking of winners and losers, and the issue goes away. It is mostly about social security benefits, the tax treatment of health insurance and inheritance benefits.

This week I got my social security statement and it hammered into me the insane preference the system has toward "married" people and how if you are not married you get screwed.

From the statement: If I did not work another day, at 62, my monthly payment would be $858.

Yet, if I died today, my spouse would receive $1,492 per month and my child another $1,492 per month. How on Earth my spouse would receive today twice what I would receive in 22 years I have no idea. The system is obviously rigged to reward marriage in exponential terms.

This is very unfair, as a taxpayer. The demise of the IRS is the best way toward equality.

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