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Thursday, June 28, 2007

There's Power (to Bilk) in a Union

Boston's Local 12, which like all unions fights for the little guy, is pissed off at Patriots QB Tom Brady. The union is picketing the greatest NFL winner of his generation because Brady, who will win his fourth Super Bowl this February, didn't hire union workers to re-do his swank Back Bay pad.

Local 12 captain Tom Koney complains that Brady "gets paid millions for what he does but he doesn’t believe in paying plumbers a decent wage."

So what's a "decent wage", according to the union?
The picket line was aimed at flushing out Tom’s plumbing contractor A&K Plumbing of Revere which, the plumbers say, doesn’t pay the “established community standard” wage of $61.75 an hour plus benefits* and does not employ any women or minorities. A&K was put in the Brady pipeline by the general contractor, Boston’s Metric Corp.
"Established community standard" my ass. That's robbery, Mr. Koney. Robbery, you lazy, anti-competitive piece of crap. More here.

*Emphasis (and coffee inadvertently spit on my computer screen) all mine.