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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two Months

That's my guess of how long it will take before public health fascists start adopting this anti-obesity plan in the United States.
Dance classes soon will be mandatory for Chinese elementary and secondary students because of worries about increased obesity, state media reported Tuesday.

It said the dances will be performed during class breaks or during extracurricular time. The newspaper cited recent reports that said heavy loads of schoolwork had cut into the amount of physical activity student perform and that "obesity has been on the rise."

'Cause it's way better to be thin and dumb than fat and smart. But wait, it gets worse.

Last month, the official Xinhua New Agency reported that besides good grades students also could have to prove their physical fitness to earn a place in a Chinese university under a ministry proposal.

Xinhua said the ministry was considering recording the results of physical tests in students' academic files, and could use them as a way to split university applicants who have the same score on written tests. Competition for spots at China's top universities is grueling.

How long before MeMe Roth suggests that overweight people be denied access to a college education in order to "send a message" to our youth? I say about two months.

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