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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Update on Turkish Forces Invading Iraq

We wondered in the comments section why we hadn't heard more of the Turkish invasion into Northern Iraq. Answer: It now appears as though it hasn't happened. Michael Totten -- who has covered such Middle East hot spots such as Iraqi Kurdistan and Lebanon better than anyone else I've read, has this to say:
My sources in Iraqi Kurdistan told me there has been no Turkish invasion. The Turkish government, the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and the United States government all agree that there has been no Turkish invasion.


Here’s what’s actually happening: The Marxist-Leninist Kurdistan Worker’s Party (or PKK) from Eastern Turkey has dug into a remote mountainous area just inside Iraq which they use as a staging ground to launch terrorist and guerilla attacks inside Turkey. The Turkish military is shelling the area from their side of the border and may have chased PKK elements across the border in hot pursuit before returning to Turkey immediately.


Free advice for the United States government: Help the Kurds of Iraq eject the PKK from the mountains before Turkey does to Iraqi Kurdistan what Israel did to Lebanon. The Turkish government sees this problem through the lens of last year’s war in July, and we don’t need to see that movie again.
Check his blog out.

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