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Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Guardian Angels announce they will open a chapter in New Haven, CT, and walk beats alongside the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol. How bad is your neighborhood when it's reminiscent of 1979 New York?

In related New Haven governmental apathy, a man struck and detained a robber with an ax handle, then called police. When an officer finally arrived, he arrested the man -- and very nearly arrested an off-duty detective who intervened on the man's behalf. Thank you, New Haven Police Department. Your lack of judgment and slow response times are a shining example to racist cops everywhere.

MeMe Roth received death threats after she criticized American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.

And finally: this is a week old, but law enforcement surrounding Ed Brown's Plainfield, NH home disbanded uneventfully, although they did seize his wife's dental practice and its alleged network of tunnels in nearby West Lebanon.
Brown, who asserts that the federal government has no jurisdiction in New Hampshire and no authority to charge him under a non-existent law, said the activity surrounding his properties in Plainfield and West Lebanon yesterday was a "Zionist, Illuminati, Free Mason movement."
And with that, any remaining sympathy I had for the man officially evaporated.

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