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Friday, June 01, 2007

You Can Still Smoke..Just Not Anywhere You Want To

The entirety of a draconian smoking ban (all bans are, but this one is particularly offensive) in Howard County, Maryland went into effect today. The county rolled out the first stages of the ban last summer; banning smoking in every imaginable public place, including a truck stop on I-95 and within 15 feet of doorways. Effective today every other private establishment lost the right to allow smokers in their property. I love this quote from one of the bullies who led the charge for the ban.
Mark Breaux, president of the Smoke Free Howard County Coalition that pushed hard for the new law, was up the street in another, quieter pub.

"These are predictable responses," he said. "People knew this law was going into effect. We're happy to have it here. In a few years, people won't even remember you could smoke in bars
Telling statement...

Full article here.

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