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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

After You Come Down, But Before You Pass Out... my posts.

When you have that pesky late-night craving for libertarian blogs (and don't tell me you don't), I'm your man.

I'm on a 9 month business assignment in Japan. And Baylen has agreed to let me try out this blogging thing after I get off work but before I hit the drinking circuit. Anyway, I'm not very good at the sappy intro thing, so I'll do it in one sentence:

I'm Nate, an aerospace engineer, huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, huge Jack Daniel's fan, and a smoker.

No hard feelings about the 2004 Series, Baylen... it was one game away from being the fuckin' Yankees again anyway...

Badass Side Note on Japan: Food and drinks are very expensive. But Marlboro Lights? About $2.65/pack. And I'm smoking in my hotel room as I post.

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