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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Around the Horn (Sort of Sports-Centric Edition)

China's popular baozi steamed buns are 60% cardboard.

Keith Hernandez: Best. Mustache. Ever.

Real cop busts fake cop who tried to bust real cop. writer Ian Thomsen's weird but earnest correction of his NBA draft piece featuring a fake P. Diddy quote relayed by the agent of Toronto Raptors' draft pick Giorgos Printezis of Greece, who traveled to the NBA draft last month in New York City by rickshaw. Naturally, Printezis's journey is recounted on a rickshaw blog.

Chopping down a tree while drunk may be the most provincial crime ever.

Hugo Chavez's bullshit comes to bear on Venezuela's stock market.

Sticks and stones. Seinfeld alum Michael Richards has retreated to Cambodia, while golfing legend Nick Faldo becomes "the first announcer since the Don Imus imbroglio to successfully use the word 'nappy' on a live broadcast."