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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Before I Make My Health Care Documentary, Remind Me To Become As Fat and Sloppy As Is Humanly Possible

When I got to the hotel this past weekend with the worst case of jet lag I've ever had, I watched Larry King's interview of Michael Moore on the only American TV station available. It was a surprisingly decent and fair interview, but there is one thing about the way the MSM continually portrays the health care situation that really rubs me the wrong way.

King summed up my frustration pretty well when he referred to the "other side" of the health care debate (as opposed to Moore's) as the people who run the HMOs and other problematic "providers" of health care. Really? Is that it? Those are the only options? Well then it's no wonder that a single-payer (read: government) health care system is currently so popular.

How the hell did the present American health care system come to be considered the "market" system? It's one of the worst abuses of facts I can think of. Seriously, it's up there with the drug war. For example, here's Cato's Michael Cannon in an article for TCSdaily,
On average, third-parties pay for 86 cents out of every dollar of medical
care American patients receive. That's about the same share as under
Canada's socialized health care system.

Where is this fact in a blockbuster health care documentary or in the media coverage thereof? I look forward to the day when free market means free market and doesn't just blindly refer to anything that is not directly provided by government.

It just goes to show how well government has managed to poke its nose into every facet of the economy and still mask its destructive actions so well.

Best article I've seen on Moore's SiCKO here. Like any good lefty-liberal, Moore can eloquently identify and explain any large scale "social" problem, and then come up with a jaw-droppingly stupid, destructive solution to it.

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