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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bush the Evangelical

There are many reasons to hate W, but my favorite is his "faith," which used to be called religion. "His faith is very strong," said Michael Novak, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in a very non-market pandering to religion. Here goes the American Enterprise Institute's defense of W, quoted by Novak,
"Faith is not enough by itself because there are a lot of people who have faith but weak hearts. But his faith is very strong. He seeks guidance, like every other president does, in prayer. And that means trying to be sure he's doing the right thing. And if you've got that set, all the criticism, it doesn't faze you very much. You're answering to God."
I want a president who answers to citizens, not God. I want someone who responds to 30% approval ratings and doesn't look relaxed because he is answering to God. For fuck's sake, if we have a president who is answering to God then what is the difference between us and a jihadi state?

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