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Monday, July 09, 2007

Chicago's Foie Gras Ban a Lame Canard

My DOUBLETHINK piece on Chicago's foie gras ban is finally up. If you read it, please don't ignore the footnotes, which I'm particularly partial to.

Things that I wish got into the piece but didn't? The word "canard" in the title. It's perfect. Another day. And my list of thank-yous, which was to include Chef Didier and the chefs and staff at Cyrano’s Bistro and Café Simone cabaret, Chicago Chefs for Choice, Don Gordon, and the chefs at Café Le Coq, Mas Restaurant, Bin 36, Bank Lane Bistro, Juicy Wine Company, Twisted Spoke, and Vanille Patisserie. So thanks to them.

Of course, if foie's not your bag, you could always read about how a dude "with tree branches duct-taped to his head and torso walked into a Citizens Bank just as it opened Saturday morning and demanded cash from a teller."

Better yet, why not read both?

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