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Friday, July 20, 2007

DC Property Taxes Threaten to Destroy Why We Live Here

The Wa Post today had an article that (for once) outlined the problems that DC businesses have in paying onerous DC property taxes.
In a storefront that once housed his great-grandfather's hardware store, Paul Ruppert and his mother, Molly, manage an art gallery, theater and music hall. Theirs is an unexpected pocket of bohemia in a District neighborhood defined by brick-faced walk-ups and the gray behemoth that is the Washington Convention Center.

After 15 years, the Rupperts are closing their music venue and a cafe, and they may shut the rest by year's end. The reason: an expected fivefold increase, from $52,000 to $269,000, in the 2008 property tax bill for the enclave's three buildings and an adjoining parking lot.
The assessments of many properties have risen incredibly. Council members are proposing a small business break or a cap in the rise, but the only fair way of dealing with this issue is to across the board lower DC commercial tax rates while not targeting any specific business, such as Ben's, with a lower tax rate than others have to pay.

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