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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Golf or fishing....That's the question of the day. For all you TtP readers who live in the Mid-Atlantic, I sure hope you've appreciated this summer weather so far. Limited humidity, perfect temperatures, no rain. Beautiful weather everyday. Try and enjoy it.

As for the drugs....

John Walters mini-me gets promoted to Deputy Director of the ONDCP. Pledges to kill John Walters, assume his position and radically change the mission statement of the ONDCP. That or some bullshit about working in his new role to expand the harm he has already done. Who knows, I was blitzed out of my skull when I read it. Best of luck Mr Burns!

Walters and his ONDCP claim victory for a recent cocaine shortage that has risen the street level price of the drug considerably and increased the popularity and demand of other "replacement" drugs. Here's to more money in the pockets of violent drug dealers, and more heroin overdoses! Success for the drug warriors once again!

DEA arrest the man responsible for giving the agency it's largest drug-cash seizure ever, of $205 million, while dining at a Wheaton bistro. You can't make a better effort at hiding yourself?

More on that super-powerful-turn-kids-into-flesh-eating-zombies-bud that is threatening to take down the British Empire. You know that dangerous "herbal marijuana". From the article:
The Home Office's drugs information website, Frank, includes details of new more potent varieties of cannabis.

It says: "Recently, there have been various forms of herbal or grass-type cannabis that are generally found to be stronger than ordinary 'weed', containing on average two to three times the amount of the active compound, THC.
New PM Gordon Brown is recommending that the cannabis be reclassified back to a class B drug. The Conservative Party, led by well-known pot-head and all around idiot, David Cameron is quite happy to go along with it. The Government plans to get the cannabis reclassification out of the way, and then move on to less pressing issues -- i.e., the abnormal desire of some British citizens to blow themselves and others up.

Finally, on a completely different note, this douche-bag wants the FEC to stifle the 1st Amendment rights of the all around annoying blog, Daily Kos. Get a life buddy. And be careful Baylen, don't I remember TtP endorsing a candidate last year......?

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