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Monday, July 16, 2007

Dutch Smoking Ban Follow Up

I had said a few weeks back I would send a e-mail to a friend or two in Amsterdam to gauge the local reaction to the impending smoking ban. Then I forgot...remembered about a week later, and then forgot again. Rob's life story. Just ask my ex-girlfriend about her abortion. Note: Cards and flowers do not make up for a missed abortion appointment. Neither does the offer to pay for 2/3. I know, surprising.

But this time it didn't matter. A former Dutch co-worker who lives in Amsterdam e-mailed me about something totally unrelated to smoking, so I took the chance to ask about the reaction of the residents in the notoriously smoke-friendly city. She didn't have much to say, and most likely welcomed the ban. Here's the short, relevant bit:
People are ok about the smoking ban, they understand why it's passed. There is still some fuss about the smoking ban in coffee shops, which needs to be resolved. But then this week the discussion started about installing a smoking bans on all schools and colleges thruout the country and that gave the discussion a fresh impulse! (And probably took away the attention to the ban for cafes and restaurants!)
Ironic that another ban drew the attention away from the initial ban. Always another battle to be fought.

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