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Thursday, July 19, 2007

HBO Dominates the Emmys...

with one notable exception. Don't ask me how I remember, but a while back I punched out a The Wire post, complaining about the lack of professional recognition that the show gets, especially for what one could call a progressive show in many ways. Not too many shows are a majority-minority cast, and afford black actors the chance to play roles that they would normally not get to play. Couple that with the realistic depiction of poor, urban life in America which has a tough time finding room on prime time television in between sitcom A) which depicts the American husband and provider as a retarded oaf, constantly belittled by his wife -- or, sitcom B) which depicts the American husband and provider as a retarded oaf, constantly belittled by his wife. I would be remiss not to mention the plentiful dramatic choices such as CSI: Miami, CSI: Las Vegas, and CSI: New York.

I say this because the basic response to that was, "are you crazy? Everyone goes on and on about how great The Wire is, both critics and viewers." True, The Wire is in a sense a smash with the critics, both professionals and losers with blogs. However, it is never recognized by its peers, or by the Academy. The show has won a surprisingly few number of awards. How is that? Now, the only non-cynic response to the question is that it isn't a good show. The writing is poor, the acting is stiff, the costuming and set design blow, etc. Go ahead, try and make that argument, but I think if David Simon introduced a global warming subplot to this upcoming season -- maybe have Marlo trade his Escalade in for a Prius -- the Hollywood culture would feel more at ease with the subject manner being discussed.

I know that's a bit snarky and simple, but I do think a show like The Wire can create a certain amount of uncomfortableness in viewers and I know that if I really cared about issues like global warming and the environment, I would shy away from anything that made me think hard about problems much more serious and closer to home than melting sea caps. You know, might make me feel like I'm shallow and only care about the sexy, but unimportant social issues.

So yeah, The Wire wasn't nominated for anything, but HBO did get 17 total nominations, "dominating" all networks. They deserve it, but so does The Wire.

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