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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Islam Itself the Problem?

It is not politically correct to question Islam. Yet, despite the fact that not all Muslims are suicide bombers, all suicide bombers are Muslim. That is a reality and it needs to be addressed and discussed in a free and open society.

Societies like ours and Britain's succeeded because of their tolerance and openness to new ideas. But at what point does tolerance become suicidal? That point is when we are tolerant of people whose goal is to destroy tolerance. An article in the Daily Mail by a repentant former Islamist is telling:
And though many British extremists are angered by the deaths of fellow Muslim across the world, what drove me and many others to plot acts of extreme terror within Britain and abroad was a sense that we were fighting for the creation of a revolutionary worldwide Islamic state that would dispense Islamic justice.

Formal Islamic theology, unlike Christian theology, does not allow for the separation of state and religion: they are considered to be one and the same.
Muslim treatment of women is an additional scandal that all US feminists should be upset about. The forced wearing of the burqa, the forbidding of women doing work and their limits on travel basically make them slaves to men with no escape from abuse. Muslim men proclaim that the wearing of the burqa protects women, as they are "jewels." A female friend of mine recently traveled to Saudi Arabia. At the airport, she and her male colleague each went into restrooms. When they got out, neither could believe it. He said the airport restroom was marble and gilted and the most amazing thing he has seen. She said that her restroom was a big hole in a sand floor full of human waste and utterly disgusting. That about sums it up.

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