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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Vote for a Democrat...

...they are going really left. Just about everyone in this world hates the presidency of George Bush, and his Republican party takes a big ding by association. So the Dems have a wide open door to take the White House. But they are fumbling the ball by catering to left-wing economic politics.

The Dem candidates have all adopted Edwards' Two Americas theme, which focuses on income inequality and how to "solve" it. Income inequality is something that no one likes, as who likes the next door neighbors making more money that I do? But, beyond that envy, does it really matter?

No. The fact that the founders of Google are billionaires absolutely took no money out of anyone's pocket. Capitalist societies create wealth. Without the brilliance of Page and Brin, our country and stock market would be without the $162 BN, whooa, of market cap. They created wealth and created thousands of lucrative jobs and many millionaires, and certainly did not in any way subtract from the wages of anyone.

The idiocy of focusing on wage disparity is that as our country creates success the disparity grows. But there is not a zero sum. Would any person in their right mind wish that Google did not exist?

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