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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Morning Links

David Boaz asks pols why the average American is not entitled to the same youthful indiscretions as they are. [from Cato @ Liberty]

Harvard's Steven Pinker has a big list of taboo questions to ponder. Run these by the PC crowd sometime. [Via Ron Bailey at Hit&Run]

Cartoonist Henry Payne channels Gore and recommends "adultery offsets" for Sen. Vitter. [also via Hit&Run]

An older post by Julian Sanchez questions Giuliani's "terrorism expertise", and also reminds me that I need to use the word "cocksure" much more often. [Notes from the Lounge blog]

And thanks to spellcheck for reminding me that I can't spell worth a goddam. Interestingly, "goddam" passes spellcheck.

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