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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NAACP Confused; Buries 'N-Word' Instead of 'Nigger'

In case you missed the news, another senseless death in urban America:
DETROIT // The NAACP held a mock funeral yesterday for one of the most inflammatory terms in the English language: the N-word


"Today, we're not just burying the N-word, we are taking it out of our spirit, we are taking it out of our minds," Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said to thunderous applause of hundreds who gathered at the city's riverfront Hart Plaza. "To bury the N-word, we've got to bury the pimps and the hos and the hustlers. Let's bury all the nonsense that comes with this."


Leading the procession was a horse-drawn carriage carrying a simple pine casket, blanketed in wilted flowers. At the Hart Plaza amphitheater, the crowd gathered for two hours under the punishing sun, waving signs reading "Bury the N-Word" and "Gone forever."
I mean that's cool...Go ahead and have a funeral for a word, while actual funerals with real black people in caskets are happening everyday. Young black men are victims of homicides at a rate 4-5x more than their white counterparts, and I'm confident that not a single one of those victims was murdered by a word. It's silly, just plain silly.

Full article here. And yes, Mayor Kwame is that guy, who has had some problems in the past.

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