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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reason to Have Sex: She Will Let Me

I was going to post something on the Ron Paul article by John Derbyshire at NRO. Then I got distracted by a John Tierney post on reasons to have sex, for some kind of social science paper/study that someone is working on. I really don't care about the specifics. As usual the comments are golden.
Reason I didn’t want to: Because he was an idiot.

Reason I did: Because I am an idiot.

— Posted by Michelle
The simple joke is -- I just boned a chick named Michelle. The simple truth is -- I didn't but I can assure you if women like Michelle didn't exist I would be alone in my bed a lot more.
To recover after the loss of an infant child.

— Posted by Tonton Macoute
Interesting idea...Support groups for newly childless parents...Hummmm
I don’t want to because I’ve had a total hysterectomy and don’t crave it: biochemical theory has something to it! Plus, my man has cancer, and although I know this is not supposed to be contagious, a lot still needs to be learned about viruses. Life is actually much more peaceful and happy without sex!

— Posted by Beyonditall
God, I'm hoping for his sake that this guy dies soon and is given the gift of never having to wake up next to this hag ever again.
I wanted to prove to others/assure myself that I wasn’t queer.

— Posted by Anonymous 2
Right. A couple more years down the road, you will be sucking cock like a pro. I'm done for now. More here. Oh, and that Ron Paul piece, here.

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