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Monday, July 09, 2007

Rep. Hoekstra: Two Wrongs DO Make A Right

From AP:

"I think we'll put up the record of the president versus the record of Bill
Clinton, and the president will come out relatively good on that," said Rep.
Pete Hoekstra,

This defense of Bush's infamous commutation pisses me off.

Yes, Clinton went out with a bang with a series of pardons, including his half-brother. And although that is well within a president's constitutional authority, that does not mean it isn't careless and disrespectful to the legal system. But someone has to explain to me how this makes Bush's softening of Libby's conviction any less shady.

Also, as a side note, anyone who is married to or dating someone who uses the "Well Clinton did it too!" defense, expect the worst.

Irrelevant update: Blogger's blockquote feature is a real pain in the ass.

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