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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ron Paul Article in the NYT Magazine

The NYT Magazine story on Ron Paul is much more balanced than I had thought it would be. It hit on the key point that I tell my leftist friends: be consistent; if you don't want the government controlling your marijuana use then don't let them control any other personal freedoms so long as those freedoms do not inhibit the freedom of or harm someone else. Libertarianism 101 and, thankfully, the readers of the NYT are getting a dose of it.

On the lefty theme from the article:
Paul is a harsh critic of the Federal Reserve, both for its policies and its unaccountability. “We first bonded,” recalls Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat, “because we were both conspicuous nonworshipers at the Temple of the Fed and of the High Priest Greenspan.”
More from comrade Frank:
“He is one of the easiest people in Congress to work with, because he bases his positions on the merits of issues,” says Barney Frank, who has worked with Paul on efforts to ease the regulation of gambling and medical marijuana. “He is independent but not ornery.”
And another reason to love Ron Paul:
He was the only Texas Republican to vote against last year’s Federal Marriage Amendment, meant to stymie gay marriage. He detests the federal war on drugs.
Paul has been slammed for his "opposition to abortion." But his stand is thus:
Paul also opposes abortion, which he believes should be addressed at the state level, not the national one.
I agree with him in that it abortion laws ought to be a legislative decision and not a SCOTUS one. After all, it is the fiat of SCOTUS's Roe v. Wade decision that gives energy and recruiting power to anti-libertarian Christian zealots.

For Reason's story on how Ron Paul is taking in more US troop money than any other Republican candidate go here.

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